The Dutch attack
Internal competition, round 5

staging  Boudewijn Thewissen (0) - staging  Matvey Alexandrov (0), 10.10.2023

  1. Albert Riemens

    Albert Riemens zei op :

    NIce attacking game Matvey, thank you for the analysis. After 24 fe4: in stead of de6? white can still try to withhold the black attack, what would you have done?

  2. Avatar

    Matvey Alexandrov zei op :

    Hello Albert,

    Possible moves from White are obviously 24. Nxe4 or 24. f3xe4

    For 24. Nxe4, I was going to continue 24 .. e6xd5, and it seems that my Bishop sooner or later could join the attack on the big diagonal.

    For 24. f3xe4, I had “simple” continuation 24 .. Ne2+ 25. Bxe2 Qxe2 with dynamic position with accurate play needed from both sides (but Black is better because White’s King is worse).

    BUT I also saw very complex continuation 24 .. Nfd3! – isolating f3 square from Queen and Rook by sacrificing the Knight – and the next move is 25 .. Nef3+, and the next move is 26 .. Qxh2 or 26 .. Nxh2, crushing White’s position on the kingside. Though I couldn’t calculated completely – so it would be interesting challenge for me about 24th move.

    By the way, 23 .. exf4 is the first line according my computer engine, with evaluation -3,4 so Black is winning.
    I spent about 10 minutes to find this move and I’m happy that it was really the best.

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