Caissa 6 is qualified for SGA Rapid Final
First place with 27 board points


Photo (against Amsterdam West 7, from left to right: Martin, Godard, Florian)

Why is nobody on the 1st board? I managed to quickly finish my game:

Avatar  Matvey Alexandrov (1849) - staging  Henk van de Berg (1604),

And here is another funny game against EsPion 3:

Avatar  Matvey Alexandrov (1849) - staging  Ron Admiraal (1725),

The final will be on 13 June next week, no one expects easy walk.


Caissa 6 started rapid journey
SGA rapid 2024

“Caissa 6” started SGA rapid competition on Thursday, May 23

Three rounds were played:

Caissa 6 : MSK 1   1.5 – 2.5
Caissa 6 : Amsterdam West 5   2.5 – 1.5
Raadsheer 3 : Caissa 6   1 – 3

With 7 “boardpoints”, we are currently 3rd out of 12 teams.



Matvey, Florian, Godard, Martin

As to chess itself, here is my game from 2nd round

staging  Bert van de Laar (1722) - staging  Matvey Alexandrov (1849),

Miniature: check-mate in 17 moves
SGA, De Raadsheer 3 - Caissa 4
The final round of the competition, rather important. 1st board.

staging  Alexandrov, Matvey (1837) - staging  Garderen, Ton (1818),

PS. “Caissa 4” won with final score 5,5:2,5 (+4=3-1)

The Dutch attack (again)
Chess Open Amsterdam, Group C, Round 4
No energy to comment, just want to point out that Black managed to attack without any Bishops and using only two verticals ...

staging  De Lange, Gerard (FIDE Arbiter, International Arbiter) (1687) - staging  Alexandrov, Matvey (1612),

The Dutch attack
Internal competition, round 5

staging  Boudewijn Thewissen (0) - staging  Matvey Alexandrov (0), 10.10.2023

Caissa 6 won rapid final in 3 class
Amazing finish in VAS on June 15

Team members: Matvey Alexandrov, Andrija Zdravkovic, Wouter Egas, Eduard Sampimon, Deepayan Roy, Chris Verheijden


Before last round in the final, Amsterdam West 7 get ahead of us 1 point, but we managed to beat them 3:1 and secured 1st prize (!)